This paper seeks to place the Green Line boundary superimposed on the landscape of Palestine in 1949 as an Armistice Line within the context of a broader discussion, combining Israel’s alleged special needs for ‘security’ with that of its colonial activities manifested in land grab beyond its sovereign space, a national territory created in the wake of an-Nakba War of 1948. The Separation Wall (SW) erected by Israel to the east of the Green Line from 2002 on overlaps with the Green Line by only some 15%. The remaining length of 85% of the SW penetrates deep inside the West Bank up to a distance of 22 km. Arguably Israel’s aim for constructing this Wall, along with the promulgation of the restrictive gate-system regulations for local Palestinians and their movement, is meant to dispossess Palestinian landowners and increase its continuous state territory further to the east. The then US President’s Deal of the Century (DoC) proposal in January 2020 clashes with international law and relevant UN resolutions pertaining to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, it was warmly welcomed by the right-wing government at the time.

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