Given the economic challenges that Algeria is aware of and its orientation towards finding an alternative economy for hydrocarbons, the tourism sector is experiencing a great recovery due to the various development programs enacted by the state in order to exploit Algeria’s tourist potential. In order to answer the central questions of this intervention, we used a number of sources such as books and studies related to tourism, as well as some statistical data from official Bodies, in addition to the field investigation of Sidi Suleiman and the regional protection areas of Ain Antar, to identify the regional and local radiation by knowing the volume of flows the sample size was 290, distributed as follows: 175 in Hammam Sidi Suleiman and 115 in the regional squad of Ain Antar. The tourism sector in Central Ouarsenis region has received calls for concerted efforts to develop and exploit it from various bodies and at all levels, due to diversity of Qualification in it , such as (monk homeland, landscape ... etc.), it is still waiting for the soul to advance the wheel of its development. The Central Ouarsenis region is considered a distinguished tourist attraction with high potentials for attracting tourists; however, this masterpiece of tourism is still suffering from some of marginalization due to the absence of the concerned authorities and the lack of sufficient awareness to develop the tourist sector in spite of available possibilities.

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