This study aims to monitor the evolution of the date palm area in the western region of Ziban, Algeria over a period of 43 years (1977-2020) using remote sensing and geographic information systems. Six Landsat satellite images were analysed to derive the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) using ENVI software. The changes in palm grove area (Loss/Gain) were then detected using ArcGIS software. The results indicate a five-fold increase in palm grove area since the 1977s, with slight evolution in date palm plantations followed by a large jump after 1995. The palm grove has undergone significant modification, as seen on the change map, which indicates that most of the study area gained 86.99 km2. The main drivers behind this expansion are the economic attractiveness of the date palm variety, government support for agriculture in recent decades, and the availability of groundwater. However, this increase is accompanied by a significant decrease in the level of groundwater, which is the only source of irrigation for the palm groves.

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