This study aimed to develop a profile of male sex offenders in Palestinian society, by using a qualitative research approach. A sample of 37 sex offenders institutionalized in different Palestinian rehabilitation centers, including the Dar Al-Amal Juvenile Rehabilitation Center in Ramallah, were interviewed. Data was collected using interviews, observations, and the examination of each offender’s case files, which included sociodemographic data, physical and mental health, inmate risk assessment, and a psychopathy checklist. Findings showed that the offenders belong to a relatively homogeneous group in terms of demographic and criminal data. The majority are married, aged 18-27 years and 50 years or older at the time of committing the crime, have low levels of education, and the most common crime committed is rape. Most of them have no relationship with the victim, come from broken families, and have suffered abuse and torture by their families and Israeli Occupation forces at an early age. They have a history of anti-social behaviour. The results also showed clear cognitive distortions and imbalances as well as some individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders and disturbances.

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