Pulau (Island) Pangkor is a famous tourist destination island in Malaysia due to the presence of striking natural and cultural resources. Research reports seem to indicate that Pulau Pangkor is experiencing land use challenges due to the impact of a population increase and growth in tourism activities. Present urban development is concentrated in the main town area (near Pangkor Jetty) and follows the main east-west axis. Basically, local residential development is in the eastern corridor, while the western corridor concentrates more on the development of tourism facilities. Organic growth has given rise to the development of unplanned built-up areas. Concerns have been expressed towards the occurrence of land use conflicts and limits to the island’s carrying capacity. The aim of the article is to explore these concerns and propose possible governance solutions for the development challenges on the island. Land use composition and trends are initially discussed, followed by examination of certain outstanding issues. Secondly, the existing development planning and control system is scutinized. In contrast to the mainland Manjung District, future development on the island requires more systematic management. To that effect, a possible land use governance framework as policy is outlined which could enhance the existing development processes further.

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