The cover of this special issue shows a Buddhist monk in Taiwan, reflecting the theme of this special issue: Yoga, Meditation, and Applied Psychophysiology. I wish to thank Erik Peper, PhD, and I-Mei Lin, PhD, who recorded this photo June 5, 2007 during a research study investigating the physiological correlates of meditation and chanting, with a highly experienced Buddhist monk. The photo was recorded at the Longshan Temple in Huwei Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Yoga emerged within the history of Hinduism in India and evolved as it spread across Asia and later into North America and Europe. Originally a comprehensive system for spiritual and personal awareness and discipline, integral to the Indian culture and to its spiritual heritage, today yoga is practiced for physical fitness, weight management, and general wellness and increasingly for its well-documented therapeutic effects for medical and emotional problems.

Meditation has roots in many spiritual traditions, including...

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