Ever since Descartes conceptually argued for a separation between the body and the mind, Western culture has struggled with the notion that our friends, our family members, even our spouses are “crazy” or “weak” if they should ever suffer a mental illness.

The book entitled Pathways to Illness, Pathways to Health by Angele McGrady and Donald Moss is a definitive refutation of Descartes ill-advised and incorrect assertion.

To those for whom Descartes' concept of a separation of the mind and body dies hard, McGrady and Moss's text is a necessary read. For beginners of health science education, medical students, or psychology students, and for seasoned practitioners and health scientists, this text has something to offer. For the beginner, it connects the dots succinctly between the body and the mind. It blurs boundaries between the two so thoroughly after reading that it is difficult even to conceptualize the division at...

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