The cover of this issue of Biofeedback shows a photograph of the Seattle, Washington skyline, a reminder that the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) will hold its annual meeting March 9–12, 2016 in Seattle.

The Guest Editor for this special issue is Richard Harvey of San Francisco State University, who is also the current president of AAPB. Dr. Harvey has chosen to focus this special issue on previewing the theme of the AAPB 2016 annual meeting: Beyond the Self in Self-Regulation.

The articles in this special issue reflect applications of biofeedback that facilitate a two-way relationship between practitioners and trainees, or in other ways highlight interpersonal dimensions of the biofeedback process. The conference theme of Beyond the Self in Self-Regulation suggests training processes that are not only client- or patient-centered, but also interpersonal in nature, where attention is paid to the influence of one person on another. For...

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