The cover of this special issue of Biofeedback symbolizes the precious gifts of mindfulness and compassion in an impersonal technological world (thanks to Shutterstock for the image).

This special issue on “Mindfulness and Compassion in Biofeedback Practice” is a continuation of the themes presented in the Fall 2015 special issue on mindfulness. Guest Editor Inna Khazan, author of The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback: A Step-by-step Guide for Training and Practice with Mindfulness (2013), has once again gathered a rich assortment of authors and topics to chronicle the application of mindfulness and compassion in education, healthcare, and clinical biofeedback practice.

In the lead article, Inna Khazan introduces a comprehensive approach for achieving optimal human performance in a variety of professional settings, including highly challenging ones. Her article references applications to public speaking, executive functioning, athletics, and musical performance. Most importantly, she challenges the common belief that relaxation is the key to...

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