An educational approach is often different from a clinical treatment approach to promote healing. Using an educational approach, 80% of university students who are enrolled in a holistic health course report that both acute and chronic disorders can be ameliorated or eliminated when they engage in daily self-practice of autogenic training, biofeedback self-regulation practices, and/or somatic posture awareness. This process of reducing health problems is illustrated by a case report of a 20-year-old female student who experienced three migraines per week for the past 6 years. After practicing self-regulation and body awareness techniques such as autogenic training, surface electromyography–assisted muscle awareness, diaphragmatic breathing, and postural changes, the frequency of her headaches decreased to zero. Being mindful without judgment and continuously interrupting her “chained behavior” patterns were major components for improving health. At 20-month follow-up, the student continued to be headache free. This type of integrated self-healing educational approach is recommended for students, patients, and anyone who wants to create lasting health changes.

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