The cover of this special issue of Biofeedback shows a nature image evocative of mindfulness (Thanks to Shutterstock for the image.)

This special issue on “More Mindful, More Accepting, More Compassionate, and More Self-Regulation” is a continuation of the themes presented in several previous special issues of the Biofeedback magazine on mindfulness. The guest editors are Inna Khazan and Donald Moss. The editors have once again gathered a variety of authors contributing articles on the theme that becoming more mindful, more accepting, and more compassionate leads naturally to better self-regulation, and adds a dimension to clinical biofeedback and neurofeedback.

In the lead article, Leah Lagos presents a protocol for integrating mindfulness and heart rate variability biofeedback, with the goal of fostering courage, confidence, and resilience. She applies this protocol in optimal performance work in athletics as well as in corporate consulting work. Her article includes a case narrative of a...

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