These touching lines about one person who can feel another were written by Boy Epic, a pop artist from Dallas, Texas, who rose to fame after uploading his songs, earning him millions of views.

We borrowed his lyrics to address some questions about online therapy.

Online therapy is becoming common practice in all disciplines of psychotherapy. Both psychodynamic therapists (Scharff, 2013) and cognitive-behavioral therapists (Andersson, 2018) use the Internet, particularly video conferences, for their work.

The concept of disembodied therapy questions traditional assumptions of necessary conditions for therapy. Holding, for example (Winnicott, 1971), a major term in psychodynamic psychotherapy, is based on actual maternal hands hugging and encompassing the baby. In remote therapy, not only are “real” hugs impossible, but it also sometimes feels as if you have a handless mother.

In their book Theory...

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