Editor's note: This Personal Experiences article is intended to give us a glimpse into the perspective of one individual and her experience with biofeedback and neurofeedback. This is not intended to offer conclusions, recommendations, or endorsements of any kind—just a glimpse of one person's experience with and ideas about biofeedback and neurofeedback. Part 1 of this article was published in Biofeedback, 46(4), pp. 97–98.

In Part 1, Dana Wodtke told her story of being “sick for eight years with chronic fatigue syndrome/adrenal fatigue syndrome (CFS/AFS); fibromyalgia (FM); migraines averaging two to three days a week; inflammation that forced me to change careers; a 40-pound weight gain; a lot of neuroendocrine issues; hormone issues; cognitive issues; liver issues with reactions to all medications and supplements; severe tinnitus; and insomnia” (p. 97).

Previously, she had been a yoga and dance teacher and had a full-time career as a neuromuscular massage therapist until problems started at age 45. When her primary care doctor suggested neurofeedback, she found Robert Ray, PhD, LPC, LAC. She continues her story here.

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