This memorial tribute draws on Gabriel Sella’s Curriculum Vitae (2012) and a professional profile written by Theodore La Vaque (2000). I also enjoyed teaching, traveling, and writing with Gabriel Sella around North America and Europe since the 1990s.

For Gabriel Sella, two events changed the trajectory of his life in ways he could never have imagined: his family’s flight from a repressive communist country during his childhood and a disabling car accident early in his medical career.

Gabriel Eugen Sella was born in 1948 in Romania. His family left Romania in 1961 with only 120 pounds (54 kg) of luggage for the entire family. The Sella family settled in Canada, where Gabe attended high school. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Sir George Williams University in Montreal (1971). Sella then moved to Italy, mastered Italian, married an Italian woman, Nicoletta, and earned a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery...

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