The primary purpose of this research was to describe nurse and pharmacist knowledge of setup requirements for intravenous (IV) smart pumps that require head height differentials for accurate fluid flow.


A secondary analysis of anonymous electronic survey data using a database of prerecruited clinicians was conducted. A survey was sent by email to 173 pharmacists and 960 nurses. The response rate for pharmacists was 58% (100 of 173), and the response rate for nurses was 52% (500 of 960). After removing respondents who did not provide direct care and who did not use a head height differential IV infusion system, the final sample for analysis was 186 nurses and 25 pharmacists.


Overall, less than one-half of respondents (40%) were aware that manufacturer guidelines for positioning the primary infusion bag relative to the infusion pump were available. Slightly more (49.5%) were aware of the required head height differentials for secondary infusion. Only five respondents selected the correct primary head height, eight respondents selected the correct secondary head height, and one respondent selected both the correct primary and secondary head heights.


The results of this study identify a substantial lack of knowledge among frontline clinicians regarding manufacturer recommendations for accurate IV administration of primary and secondary infusions for head height differential infusion systems. Both increased clinician education and innovative technology solutions are needed to improve IV smart pump safety and usability.

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