Auditors often rely on the assistance of specialists from such fields as tax, information technology, valuation, and forensic accounting. Integration of the work of specialists with the work of audit team members is a challenge for both groups. This interview-based study of 34 practitioners from six accounting firms, including 12 auditors (partners and managers) and 22 specialists (tax, IT, valuation, forensic) examines auditors' and specialists' views about the current state of specialist use on audits. The regulatory environment creates pressure for financial statement auditors to use specialists on audits; however, financial statement auditors often seek to limit specialist involvement. Both auditors and specialists are dissatisfied with the current situation, but for different reasons. Auditors are concerned about budget overruns, delays, and harm to client relationships by (overly) meticulous specialists. Specialists are concerned about auditors limiting the scope of specialist involvement, and its effect on audit quality.

JEL Classifications: M4; M40; M42.

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