I hope this issue finds you all well.

First, a few updates.

The American Society of Appraisers has posted on its website updates to Valuing a Business, 6th edition, the current edition of Shannon Pratt's original primer on business valuation and one of the world's most respected valuation references. The updates posted include the following:

The ASA announced it will be providing periodic updates to the resources and appendix to VAB6; the appendix and future updates are available at https://www.appraisers.org/shop/publications-and-subscriptions/books/valuing-a-business/appendix.

Also, data on the Implied Private Company Pricing Line (IPCPL) are no longer being updated on the BVResources.com web site. The Business Valuation Review released the first article by Bob Dohmeyer and Peter Butler on the Implied Private Company Pricing Line in 2012, and subsequent articles were published on the topic in the Business Valuation Review and Business Valuation Update. Business Valuation Resources provided data for business...

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