As my executive terms come to an end with the Business Valuation Resource Panel (BVRP) of the Appraisal Foundation (TAF), I would like to introduce BVR readers to this little-known powerhouse of a committee and the opportunities it provides for them to serve our valuation community in some significant ways.

The TAF website provides the following description of who we are and our fundamental purpose.

The Business Valuation Resource Panel (BVRP) is a rotating panel of leading business valuation experts, professionals and academics appointed to provide input, recommendations and updates from the business valuation discipline to The Appraisal Foundation's Boards. The BVRP was established by The Appraisal Foundation as part of its continuing efforts to preserve and improve the public trust in business valuations and appraisals. The BVRP makes resources from The Appraisal Foundation available to the business valuation discipline and seeks to maintain and strengthen the interaction between The...

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