Marine animals including turtles, sharks, and dolphins are bycaught at an alarming rate worldwide, although the extent of this bycatch is rarely quantified. Here, we assess the frequencies of turtle, shark, and dolphin bycatch by fisheries operating artisanal and semi-industrial boats in the Island of Maio, Cape Verde. Among all interviews (n = 139), fishers reported higher shark bycatch (71%) than turtle (32%) and dolphin (9%) bycatch. However, we found no difference in turtle bycatch between artisanal and semi-industrial fishers. Artisanal fishers and semi-industrial fishers caught mostly loggerhead turtle (76%, 48%) followed by the green turtle (6%, 38%). We need further studies that specifically target bycatch and the type of gear used by fishers and verify whether the reported frequencies correspond to actual bycatch rates.

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