Conserving and managing an imperiled species, such as Testudo hermanni, requires information on population status and demographic traits. To acquire this information, we surveyed Hermann's tortoises, Testudo hermanni boettgeri, in European Turkey from April to October 2014–2016. We found 283 (135 males, 102 females, 45 juveniles, and 1 unknown) T. h. boettgeri at 34 locations. Of these sites, 29% included at least 1 individual. We found that females were larger and heavier (mean straight carapace length [SCL] = 175.4 mm, body mass = 1234.1 g) than males (SCL = 153.2 mm, body mass = 849.6 g). The age frequency had a normal Gaussian distribution with 11–15 yrs being the most common. Elevation at capture sites ranged from 22 to 380 m above sea level. Illegal overharvesting for the pet trade appears to have caused no reduction in body size.

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