“Thirty‐Eight Years of Loggerhead Turtle Nesting in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos, Greece: A Review” by D. Margaritoulis, G. Lourenço, T.E. Riggall, and A.F. Rees. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 21(2):143‐157 (2022).

A coding error in the R Statistical Software script resulted in several of the trend lines being plotted differently than they should be (Fig. 2 [graphs A‐B]; Fig. 3 [graphs LAG, KAL, SEK, DAP, GER]; Fig. 4 [graphs MAR, GER]; Fig. 5; Fig. 6 [graph B]; Fig. 7 [graphs DAP, LAG, SEK, GER); Fig. S1 [graphs MAR, KAL, DAP]). However, despite the coding glitch, the underlying trends and statistical outputs remain unchanged.

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