From the dark waters she emerges

at night heavy with eggs

  Breathing hard,

she drags her seven hundred pounds

up the beach

flippers churning the sand

inching her way uphill

*  *  *

We who witness

  her massive apparition of the deep come to land

   her dogged struggle her need

stand amidst a hatchery of stars

each blip an egg of possibility

borne of nuclear fire storms

  red dwarf   spiral nebulae

white giant   asteroid   gassy planet

or by remote chances




*  *  *

A wide track of darkened sand leads to the zenith of her climb

where she digs her body pit

flailing sand in all directions

to disguise the site of her nesting chamber

which she now scoops out with her back flippers

precise flippersful of wet sand lifted and placed to the side

of the meter deep chamber

  where the future of her species...

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