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News Release


From the Editors: new policy on page charges, preprints

We are pleased to announce that we have just published the December 2016 issue of Chelonian Conservation and Biology, and we are also very excited to share some major news with you about our journal and our ongoing efforts to bring you the latest important turtle and tortoise research.

First, we are delighted to announce that our founding publisher, Chelonian Research Foundation, has just joined forces with the Turtle Conservancy to form a co-publishing partnership that will maximize our ability to publish high quality turtle research from around the world. This partnership will cover both CCB and Chelonian Research Monographs. Through this new initiative, CCB will no longer require page charges for contributing authors. Of course, we encourage those with institutional support that can afford to pay for page charges to continue to do so (which helps support continued high quality publication), but by eliminating mandatory page charges in CCB, we hope that publishing in our journal will be easier than ever for interested authors, especially authors from developing nations and those without institutional support.

Partnering with the Turtle Conservancy is a natural fit for Chelonian Research Foundation. We share most of the same goals regarding conserving turtle and tortoise species; protecting critical habitats through land purchase and stewardship; monitoring and helping prevent international trade; and increasing global awareness through public outreach and publications, both popular and scientific. The Turtle Conservancy already publishes a high-end turtle conservation magazine, The Tortoise, and expanding into co-publishing CCB and CRM with Chelonian Research Foundation is a natural fit.

Welcome aboard to the Turtle Conservancy, and thank you Eric Goode, its President and CEO, for your support and shared vision, and welcome all authors that would like to publish in CCB!!

Second, together with our printer, Allen Press, CCB will now offer preprints of articles that are In press, but not yet available in a CCB Issue. This is our way to get your published research into the literature as soon as possible.

With eyes on the future!


Anders G.J. Rhodin, Founding Editor
Jeffrey A. Seminoff, Executive Editor

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