This study describes the teeth, dentition, and tooth replacement pattern of the Gulper Shark, Centrophorus granulosus, using histology and micro-CT scanning. Tooth microstructure and the orthodont histotype of C. granulosus are described and illustrated, and tooth morphology is discussed in the context of squaliform phylogenetic studies. Dental characters previously used to study squaliform interrelationships need revision. The dentitions of adult and near-term pups are documented to illustrate ontogenetic changes in tooth morphology as well as the pattern of tooth replacement. Based on the positions of replacement teeth in each tooth file, the replacement pattern of the palatoquadrate dentition is best described as phased sinusoidal replacement. This study also documents the monognathic and dignathic heterodonty of pups and adults, confirming previously published descriptions of heterodonty that have proven to be of taxonomic significance. A revised dental formula is provided that better reflects the tooth morphologies of the species.

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