Nettorhamphos radula, new genus and species, is described from two specimens, 20.3–40.2 mm SL, trawled from sponge and algae reefs between 30–40 meters in depth offshore from Fremantle, Western Australia. The new taxon is distinguished from all other members of the Gobiesocidae by having vast fields of tiny conical teeth throughout the oral jaws that are arranged in multiple, regular rows along the lingual surface of the premaxilla and the dentary. The new taxon is tentatively considered a close relative of two other southern Australian endemic clingfish taxa (Posidonichthys and the undescribed “Genus A”) based on the presence of a well-developed and heavily ossified subopercular bone that articulates strongly with both the opercle (dorsally) and the preopercle (anteriorly).

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