Information about the life history of larval fishes can be sparse, especially at the edges of typical geographic ranges and among fishes for which there is no commercial fishery. We report a new observation of larval Arctic Shanny (Stichaeus punctatus) far south of their typical geographic range in the western North Atlantic. Only two previous records of adult of S. punctatus have been documented in this region, and there has only been one previous report of larvae in US Atlantic waters. From May through July 2018, we observed large numbers of larval S. punctatus by night-lighting off a dock at Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine, in the Gulf of Maine. We include approximations of catch per unit effort (number of larvae per ten-minute sampling interval) throughout the sampling period and information regarding identifying features. The high number of larvae seen could indicate that the Isles of Shoals is a spawning locality for this species and could indicate a future increase in their abundance in the southern Gulf of Maine.

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