Assistant Professor, Utah State University (2020)

B.S. Biology, University of Florida

Ph.D. Zoology, Colorado State University (Advisor Dr. Kim Hoke)

Using field- and lab-work, we compare trait morphology and function among species to better understand how diversity develops, how diversity evolves, and why it matters. We have three main research themes in the lab right now: evolutionary development, adaptation and constraint, and sensory ecology. You can learn more about these research areas and ongoing projects at

I identify as an evolutionary biologist and an organismal biologist.

I identify as queer and I think a large part of my draw to science was seeing queer, female graduate students during my undergraduate studies (when I was not aware of any queer identity of my own). I think the curiosity and open-mindedness that can drive scientific discovery and experimentation was something I was looking for in my personal life and something...

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