Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at The George Washington University in Washington, DC

PhD: Harvard University (Advisor: Karel F. Liem)

MS: University of South Florida (Advisor: Philip J. Motta)

BS: Eckerd College (Advisor: John Reynolds)

Postdoctoral Associate: Wesleyan University (Advisors: Anne Burke and Stephen Devoto)

I study the development, functional anatomy, and evolution of trophic novelties within cypriniform fishes. I am interested in understanding how progenitor stem cell populations ultimately give rise to these structures. I then investigate how these complex structures function using a number of research tools including simple dissection to CT scanning, modeling, particle image velocimetry, electromyography, and x-ray reconstruction of moving morphology. Finally, I am interested in tracing the evolutionary impact of these trophic novelties on assorted lineages. Recently my lab has started expanding our research focus to examine the entirety of Otomorpha/Otocephala. I intend to lead a large collaborative effort examining the role...

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