The taxonomic status of Gerres longirostris (Lacepède, 1801), Gerres britannus (Lacepède, 1802), and Gerres poieti Cuvier, 1829, is examined. Gerres longirostris is considered a valid species and a senior synonym of G. britannus, G. poieti, and Gerres acinaces Bleeker, 1854a, and four other species (Gerres lineolatus Playfair, 1867, Gerres longicaudus Alleyne and Macleay, 1876, Gerres rueppellii Klunzinger, 1884, and Gerres darnleyense Ogilby, 1913). Gerres longirostris is redescribed, with designation of a neotype from Madagascar, Indian Ocean. Gerres oblongus Cuvier, 1830, is also confirmed as a valid species and a senior synonym of Gerres macrosoma Bleeker, 1854b, and Gerres gigas Günther, 1862. A lectotype is designated for G. oblongus and a neotype for G. macrosoma. Gerres longirostris and G. oblongus belong to the ”Gerres longirostris complex.” Gerres longirostris differs from G. oblongus in having a deeper body (mean 39% SL vs mean 33% SL in G. oblongus), fewer pored lateral line scales (43–46 vs 45–49), and a broad dark caudal fin posterior margin. Both species are widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific region.

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