Based on museum specimens, field records, and morphological, acoustical, and geographical analyses, we resurrect the species status of Kassina arboricola Perret, 1985 and redefine Kassina cochranae (Loveridge, 1941). Additionally, we describe Kassina schioetzi sp. nov., a hitherto overlooked species. This species differs from K. cochranae and K. arboricola in several morphological features, especially the shape of the male gular flap, and its very short, tonal advertisement call. All three species are associated with forest habitats. Kassina schioetzi lives in wooded parts of the Guinea savanna of Ivory Coast and a single mountainous locality in eastern Guinea. Kassina cochranae occurs from western Ivory Coast to eastern Sierra Leone; K. arboricola occurs from Ghana to western Ivory Coast. At two localities, K. schioetzi occurs in syntopy with K. arboricola, and at another locality with K. cochranae. A key to all West African Kassina species is provided.

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