Three species of Microhyla from Indochina are described. One species is from the Northern Truong Son (Annamite Highlands) of Vietnam and Laos, characterized by finger I less than one-half the length of finger II; expanded disks at the tip of the digits with dorsal median longitudinal grooves producing the appearance of two scutes; two metatarsal tubercles; extensive webbing on feet: on toe IV web full to distal subarticular tubercle; and marbled belly. The second species is from the Tay Nguyen Plateau, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam. It is smaller than the above species, has full webbing to medial subarticular tubercle of toe IV, and has a dusted belly. Microhyla annamensis is discussed because of its similarity to the two new species above. A third species of Microhyla is described from Ngoc Linh Mountain in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. It is easily separated from congeners of Indochina and China by its small size and the appearance of the first finger as a small, partially free nub. Microhyla palmipes is discussed because of its similarity to the third new species.

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