The deep-sea ceratioid anglerfish genus Spiniphryne Bertelsen, 1951 (family Oneirodidae), diagnosed and described on the basis of new material recently collected from all three major oceans of the world, contains two species: the type species, Spiniphryne gladisfenae (Beebe, 1932), now represented by 21 specimens collected from the Western Pacific and Western Indian oceans, and from both sides of the Atlantic; and a new species, Spiniphryne duhameli, described here on the basis of two females from the Central and Eastern North Pacific. The new species differs from S. gladisfenae in having three pairs of long, slender, lateral escal filaments on each side and a greater number of teeth on the dentary (51–52 vs. 21–45). Diagnoses and descriptions are given for both taxa and a key to the species is provided.

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