The validity of the scorpionfish, Rhinopias eschmeyeri, known only from the holotype from Mauritius, is confirmed, and the species is redescribed in detail on the basis of ten specimens from the Indo-West Pacific Ocean (Mascarene Islands to Japan and Australia). Additionally, R. frondosa and R. aphanes are redescribed. These three species are characterized by having one or two small dense black spots in the soft dorsal fin; the opercle without scales between the tips of the upper and lower opercular spines and the opercular margin; and 16 (rarely 15 or 17) pectoral-fin rays. Rhinopias eschmeyeri differs from the latter two species in aspects of form, location, and number of tentacles on the head and body; form of dorsal-fin margins and caudal-fin ray tips; shape of penultimate dorsal-fin spine; degree of development in lacrimal and suborbital ridge; and coloration.

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