Frost et al. (2006) recently published an extensive systematic revision of all amphibians, resulting in many name changes and taxonomic realignments. Unfortunately, one nomenclatural oversight has already been noted. Cranopsis Cope, 1875 (Bufonidae; type species Cranopsis fastidiosus Cope, 1875) is a primary homonym of Cranopsis Adams, 1860, a mollusk, and Cranopsis Dall, 1871 (a brachiopod). Cope (1889:260) recognized this himself and provided Cranophryne as a replacement name for his Cranopsis. However, Ollotis Cope, 1875 (type species: Ollotis coerulescens Cope, 1875 [= Cranopsis fastidiosus Cope, 1875]) is also at play, and this is the oldest available name for the genus referred to by Frost et al. (2006) as Cranopsis. The gender of Ollotis is feminine.

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