The silverside fish tribe Menidiini (Teleostei: Atherinopsidae) consists of four genera, Menidia, Labidesthes, Poblana, and Chirostoma, that are distributed along the Atlantic coast of North America, throughout the Gulf of México, insular United States, and the Mesa Central of México. It has been suggested that Chirostoma, Poblana, and Menidia should be recognized as a single genus under the nominal Menidia. To test this hypothesis, phylogenetic relationships within the tribe Menidiini were assessed using the mitochondrially encoded ND2 gene. Monophyly of the Menidiini tribe was supported. Results also failed to support monophyly for the genera Menidia and Chirostoma as currently recognized. A central Mexican clade, inclusive of Chirostoma and Poblana, was recovered as monophyletic and strongly supported. Relationships within the Mesa Central clade support a previously recognized “humboldtianum” clade and the paraphyly of Chirostoma with respect to Poblana.

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