We describe the diet composition of six species of dipsadines (Sibon longifrenis, S. argus, S. annulatus, S. nebulatus, Dipsas nicholsi, Dipsas sp.) from two montane forest sites in central Panama. Between 2005 and 2007 we captured 473 individual snakes, of which 305 contained no prey and two contained gut contents. Of the 166 fecal samples collected, 41 had no identifiable prey and 125 contained identifiable prey. We analyzed fecal samples and found that dipsadines at our study sites feed on mollusks, annelids, and amphibian eggs. None of the six species examined feed exclusively on mollusks, although most do feed on a variety of soft-bodied prey. Dipsas feeds extensively on earthworms, S. annulatus feeds on mollusks and earthworms, and S. longifrenis and S. argus feed heavily on amphibian eggs when available.

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