A new species of Trachycephalus from the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest, morphologically similar to T. hadroceps (Duellman and Hoogmoed), is described. This new species is characterized by having the skin not co-ossified with the skull; skin on dorsum bearing many low and medium round tubercles; a vocal sac not externally visible; well-developed paratoid gland; snout rounded in profile; third finger disc almost the same size of the eye; absence of tarsal fold; iris pinkish-beige with a horizontal dark gray bar; dorsal color pattern in life light brownish-orange with scattered brown dots. Trachycephalus hadroceps is restricted to the left margin (north) of the Amazon River, in the Guiana Shield, and possibly in the adjacent Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest, and the new species occurs on the right margin (south) of the Amazon River. It is a canopy treefrog, which probably uses treeholes filled with water as breeding sites.

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