Abrahão, Carlos R. (see de Fraga, Rafael)

Acord, Megan A., Carl D. Anthony, and Cari-Ann M. Hickerson. Assortative Mating in a Polymorphic Salamander


Aghasyan, Aram L. (see Ettling, Jeffery A.)

Aghasyan, Levon A. (see Ettling, Jeffery A.)

Agorastos, Stergiani (see Aguirre, Windsor E.)

Agudelo-Zamora, Henry (see Lujan, Nathan K.)

Aguirre, Windsor E., Virginia R. Shervette, Ronald Navarrete, Paola Calle, and Stergiani Agorastos. Morphological and Genetic Divergence of Hoplias microlepis (Characiformes: Erythrinidae) in Rivers and Artificial Impoundments of Western Ecuador


Alfonso, Yasel U., Humberto J. Morris, Adrián Gutiérrez, Lourdes Rodríguez-Schettino, Dennis Denis, and John E. Steffen. Dewlap Color Variation Based on Pterin and Carotenoid Pigments in Three Subspecies of Anolis jubar of the Cuban Southern Coast


Allen, David (see Belasen, Anat)

Allender, Matthew C., Michael J. Dreslik, Daniel B. Wylie, Sarah J. Wylie, John W. Scott,...

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