Callogobius clarki (Goren) is redescribed based on 21 specimens from the Red Sea. This species was originally described from a single specimen collected from the Red Sea, but subsequent workers have placed it in synonymy with the Western Indian Ocean species C. bifasciatus (Smith). However, it differs from C. bifasciatus in lacking all head pores, and having a lower range in several meristic values (pectoral-fin rays usually 15–17 vs. 16–18, lateral scale rows usually 33–39 vs. 39–46, predorsal scale rows 12–15 vs. 16–20, transverse scale rows usually 17–18 vs. 18–22, and transverse mandibular papillae rows usually 11 vs. 12). Within the genus, C. clarki is a member of the sclateri group, exhibiting a female urogenital papilla with small distal flaps of skin, elongate ctenii on some caudal peduncle scales, and preopercular sensory papillae rows not continuous with the transverse opercular rows.

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