Storage tests were conducted to determine the effectiveness of oxygen in inhibiting the corrosion reaction of titanium in fuming nitric acid (FNA). In these tests, which were of 28 days duration at a temperature of 30 C, the samples investigated were ½-inch squares (0.020 inch thick) of commercially pure titanium (75A) and a binary 8 percent-manganese alloy (C110M). The specimens were stored in Teflon-lined aluminum pressure vessels at 50 percent ullage. The pressure vessels were of the following types: vented to the atmosphere, sealed with air in the vapor space, sealed with oxygen atmosphere in the vapor space, and equipped for a 1-ml/minute oxygen flow through the vapor space. Results of the investigation indicated no inhibition of titanium corrosion by oxygen, but confirmed the inhibiting effect of a water content of 1 to 2 percent by weight in the FNA. 4.3.2

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