Greetings, corrosion community,

NACE International is the world’s premier corrosion society with valuable corrosion science and engineering content in every monthly issue of CORROSION that regularly benefits the corrosion community, improves public safety, and enhances the quality of life. The trend toward open access unlocks important content and improves dissemination of information. Therefore, CORROSION is excited to announce a new type of open access in 2016: the Technical Editor’s “choice” of open access.

This selection of our CORROSION articles is deemed to be of immediate interest to society’s needs and public safety, and/or the timely advance of science and engineering. A current example includes our articles focusing on studies pertinent to lead ion release from copper/lead galvanic couples pertinent to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Selected articles will be available via this form of open access for 30 days with no charge to either the authors or users of...

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