In this paper, novel silver-doped poly(vinyl alcohol)/chitosan/graphene (Ag/PVA/CHI/Gr) nanocomposites were produced by in situ electrochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles in the polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan/graphene (PVA/CHI/Gr) matrix. The presence of silver nanoparticles, as an antibacterial agent, was proven by ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. The synthesized nanocomposites were further characterized by scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Thermal stability was investigated using thermogravimetric analysis, while electrochemical properties of PVA/CHI/Gr and Ag/PVA/CHI/Gr were examined by cyclic voltammetry. It was suggested that silver nanoparticles were embedded in the PVA/CHI/Gr matrix as a result of chemical bonding with hydroxyl groups of PVA and amine and hydroxyl groups of CHI, and have improved thermal stability of PVA/CHI/Gr hydrogel.

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