The corrosion products for the reaction of steel with wet CO2 at temperatures of 80°C and above have now been well established as FeCO3 and at higher temperatures as Fe3O4. However, for temperatures below about 60°C to 80°C the corrosion reactions and reaction products are not well known nor have they been extensively studied. These reactions are of considerable importance not only for a complete understanding of the steel/CO2 corrosion system but because steel pipelines for transporting supercritical CO2 and high-strength steels for oil and gas operations are exposed at these lower temperatures. Therefore, they are at risk of high corrosion rates and potentially environmental cracking. This paper presents the limited knowledge in this area as well as important possible additional reactions that generate hydrocarbons that may alter the current concept of CO2 corrosion of steels. Furthermore, the aim is to further discussion and research of corrosion reactions and products below 80°C in CO2/steel systems.

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