The effect of the water-saturated supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) flow rate on the corrosion behavior of API 5L X80 steel at a temperature of 35°C and pressure of 80 bar was investigated. Tests were performed with the samples attached to a rotating shaft inside an autoclave. Results indicate that increasing the scCO2 flow rate had no significant influence on the general/localized corrosion rate under the various dynamic conditions considered. The average general corrosion rate was 0.064 mm/y, while the average measured pitting penetration rates were one order of magnitude higher. The size of the corrosion features on the surface of the samples, which were believed to provide an indication as to the size of the condensed water droplets, was much smaller than the calculated critical droplet size needed to be displaced by the flow, supporting the theory as to why flow rate had little effect on the corrosion response.

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