The developments of accelerated corrosion tests have been focused on the cyclic corrosion test with an improved correlation with the field corrosion behavior. This study applied ISO 16539 to simulate the tropical coastal environment in Thailand. ISO 16539 method B with 0.1 g-salt/m2 correlated well with Rayong (C2) exposure data. A method for calculating salt deposition and testing period was derived by interpolation and extrapolation of the simulated test results that were calibrated with the field-test database for Rayong (C2) and Phangnga (C4), Thailand. This work enables the application of ISO 16539 in life prediction for carbon steel exposed to the tropical coastal climate with sulfur dioxide deposition rate less than 13 (mg/m2/d: mmd) and chloride ion deposition rates greater than 10 mmd.

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