In this work, nine nanocrystalline binary Mg alloys synthesized by high energy ball milling. The compositions, Mg-5wt.%M (M- Cr, Ge, Mn, Mo, Ta, Ti, V, Y, Zn) were milled with an objective of achieving non-equilibrium alloying. The milled alloys were consolidated via cold compaction (CC) at 25 C and spark plasma sintering (SPS) at 300 C. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis indicated grain refinement below 100 nm, and the scanning electron microscopy revealed homogeneous microstructures for all compositions. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that most of the alloys showed a change in the lattice parameter, which indicates the formation of a solid solution. A significant increase in the hardness compared to unmilled Mg was observed for all the alloys. The corrosion behavior was improved in all the binary alloys compared to milled Mg. A significant decrease in the cathodic kinetics was evident due to Ge and Zn additions. The influence of the alloying elements on corrosion behavior has been categorized and discussed based on the electrochemical response of their respective binary Mg alloy.

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