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Ethics in publishing

Publication Ethics: Dos and Don’ts


Don’t (Self-)Plagiarize

Don’t reuse language from previous publications, whether written by you or someone else, without proper attribution. CORROSION uses a plagiarism checker during peer review that looks for matches against a database of millions of papers and websites.

Acknowledge Your Sources

Ensure that all research is cited, referenced, and acknowledged. Submit copyright permission with your article for any reused figures, tables, or extended passages.

Confirm With Your Coauthors

Verify all coauthors participated in the research and writing of the article, are aware of the publication, and are listed on the article at the time of submission.

Avoid Redundant Publication

Only submit your article to one publication at a time. This includes substantially similar articles and the same article in multiple languages.

What happens if CORROSION finds an error or an ethical violation?



If a published article is found to contain an error, an errata explaining the mistake will be linked to the article online.


Article withdrawal only applies to articles in peer review or published in the “Online Early” section of CORROSION journal online. These include articles that have not been accepted for publication or have been accepted but are not in print-ready form. Online Early articles containing errors or raising ethical concerns (for example, plagiarism, questions concerning authorship, and multiple submission) may be withdrawn. When an article is withdrawn, the content will be removed and replaced with text stating that the article was withdrawn according to CORROSION policy on article withdrawal.


After an article has been published in the final print ready form, an article may be retracted if serious ethical violations or errors are found. A retraction notice will be published in the next issue and will be linked to the article online detailing the reason(s) for the retraction. In extreme cases, the article may be completely removed and replaced with a retraction notice.

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