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Social media for scientists

Social media can be a powerful tool for communicating new research discoveries. With over 1,000,000 research articles published every year, sharing your work on social media can help your publication get the attention it deserves. Using Kudos can lend a competitive edge by increasing the visibility and impact of your publications. Taking 15 minutes to explain your work on Kudos can improve your search engine ranking, increase your Altmetric Attention Score, and help more people find your work. Learn more

Create an explainer video

For a quick way to reach new audiences, create a short explainer video that gives a simple, non-technical explanation of your latest article. Share your personal insights about what is unique or timely about your work, or the backstory of why you chose your research topic.

Four tips for explainer videos

Keep it short

Limit your video to 2 minutes. The ideal length is around 90 seconds.

Choose a captivating background

Your research is interesting, and your video should be too! Film in front of an engaging, dynamic background.

Use your phone

You don’t need expensive equipment. A quality video can be produced using a smartphone.

Submit your video

Make sure your video file is 10 MB or less and send a copy to [email protected] to have your video included on CORROSION journal’s social media channels.

Questions? Email Janna Schulze, Social Media Specialist at [email protected].

CORROSION journal on social media

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