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Sustainability: Consequences of Growing Demand and Consumption of Metals

Release date: April 15, 2024

Dr. Ingrid Milosev, with the Jožef Stefan Institute, and Dr. John Scully, with University of Virginia, join our CORROSION journal podcast series to discuss sustainability. It’s the topic of their recent open-access perspective, “Challenges for the Corrosion Science, Engineering, and Technology Community as a Consequence of Growing Demand and Consumption of Materials: A Sustainability Issue.”

This episode explains how corrosion factors into the global sustainability discussion. Topics include the carbon footprint of corrosion, such as the impact of replacing corroded parts as well as the impact of corrosion mitigation and prevention methods; the implications of increased use of metals in green energy applications and in electronics; and areas where the corrosion community can make an impact.

For more information about sustainability and their article, contact Ingrid Milošev and John Scully.

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