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Inger Odnevall Wallinder: A Multifaceted Career in Material Science

Professor of Corrosion Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

I have been working with corrosion-related issues for 30 years. The most fascinating aspects of corrosion are that all metallic surfaces, independent of shape and application, interact with the environment in different ways.

I have never ever regretted my professional career in the field of corrosion science as it is highly dynamic and much more faceted than you can imagine. My research activities are very stimulating as they address both fundamental and applied questions and are performed in close interaction and collaboration with national and international industry, branch organizations, stake holders, regulatory bodies, students and academic partners.

My research strategy is further highly interdisciplinary in its nature and includes aspects that range from architecture to nanosafety and nanotoxicology. Since my own background is in material science and metallurgy, I collaborate with experts in disciplines such as surface chemistry, analytical chemistry, physics and toxicology. Working in such alliances is very rewarding from all perspectives.

A main goal is to obtain a mechanistic understanding on how the environment interacts with metallic surfaces of different kind and how the surface reactivity and material properties in turn relate to potential adverse effects on human health and the environment. These questions are relevant for metals and alloys used in a large variety of applications ranging from external buildings and applications, to food-related utensils and surfaces, to implant materials, and to metallic nanoparticles in for instance consumer products or generated at occupational settings.

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